Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Are the goods authentic?
Normally i will specify in the description as "ORIGINAL" if the goods are authentic.
If i DON'T specified, means not original, very straight forward

Is the label perfect for authentic goods?
It depends how lucky you are, about 80% of the authentic goods labels cut, snipped or crossed with black marker, especially Mothercare, Adam and Carters brand. If the labels are perfect, i will describe in the Header.

Which countries do these children clothes come from?
About 90% of the PRE-ORDER items are from China, and the rest come from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc...

What is the difference between READY STOCK and PRE-ORDER items?
READY STOCK - Goods that i have in hand.
PRE-ORDER items - I don't keep stock for Pre-Order item. I will gather orders from buyers, and order the goods from suppliers once a week, therefore buyers must always check my closing date and send out date. All these datelines are stated at the right side bar.

Can i buy loose quantity from PRE-ORDER items?
NO!! All PRE-ORDER items sell in SET of 4-6 pcs. Loose quantity only applicable to READY STOCK.

What is the minimum order for READY STOCK and PRE-ORDER items?
READY STOCK - minimum order 7 pcs in regardless 1 pc each from different design, or same design 7 pcs.
PRE-ORDER STOCK - minimum 1 set.
Mixture of READY STOCK and PRE-ORDER STOCK - as long as minimum order 1 set from PRE-ORDER STOCK, you can buy any pieces as you like from READY STOCK.

How shall i make order for PRE-ORDER items?
  1. Send me an email with the details of: Product name, Code, and how many sets that you are interested, your address (so i can quote on postage as well)
  2. I will check with suppliers on the availability of the items.
  3. Once goods available, i will send you invoice to settle payment.
  4. Please settle payment before dateline

How do i know when is the dateline for PRE-ORDER items?
Please check at the right side bar.

Eg. Today's date is 8th March, looking at the chart, you are in 2nd Batch of March

2nd Batch: 11/3/10 ---> 15/3/10
3rd Batch: 21/3/10 ---> 25/3/10

If i received your payment before 11th March 12 noon, then i will order from the supplier, and your goods is ready and will be sent out on 15th March. However, if the payment received after 11th March 12 noon, your order will group in 3rd batch order, and send out on 25th March.

Can I ask for a discount on the prices shown?
All my prices are at the lowest I am able to sell them for. Occasional clearance sales do occur from time to time from items I have in hand, but this is at my discretion and at the time specified. I do not entertain Best Offers or requests for discounts.

I am Reseller, Why don't you give discounts?
I do not give discounts because the profit margin for wholesaler is very low. I don't mark up for the purpose of giving you a 'false' discount later. I think it saves both our time. I will only mark-down the prices on certain stock clearance items when suppliers willing to reduce the prices.

I would like to pay a visit at your store, so that i can view your products and see the materials?
I only do wholesale online, and most of my items are Pre-order item. I don't keep any stocks for Pre-order Item at all, not even sample.

Can you 'Reserve' the items for me?
I am not able to reserve the PRE-ORDER item for you if you don't make the payment, as this is no guarantee that you will go thru with the purchase. If the stock is in hand, I can hold it for up to 24 hours if you write and tell me that you want the item and need 1 day to bank in payment.

Can I pick the goods up from you?
If you do not want me to ship, you may pick up the goods from me, but the time & place has to be at my descretion and my convenience.

I had made payment but why some of the items not available?
There are chances that payment already made, but the stock not available. This may due to:
  • Defect on the stock
  • Buyers took too long to make payment, supplier might release the goods to other wholesalers.
  • My fault on overlooked
  • Supplier's fault on over estimated on the stock availability, forgot to reserve, etc .......

Normally, i will refund to buyer, alternatively buyer willing to exchange other things.

If there is defect on my goods, do you accept refund?
Please email me the photos of the defect part of the clothes, and i will guide you what to do next. Normally i will check with supplier about the availability of the same size, if item available, i will replace 1 new piece for you (postage on me), otherwise refund money to you if item not available.